Addictaball Maze Puzzle Game Maze 1 (Large)

Addict A Ball

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The Addictaball is a truly Addictaball retro like puzzle with the aim of guiding your ball through the maze towards the centre, where the great satisfaction of finally completing the maze awaits you. Bring on the ball!!
You might not think that Addictaball, a simple low tech ball through maze game would be able to hold your attention for very long, but this thing is frustratingly addictive and sometimes annoying 3D puzzle game will keep you playing for hours until you become the supreme master of the sphere! 

To tame the Addict-a-Ball you must guide your ball through a huge array of challenges, over brightly coloured platforms, through arches, down holes, and vertical roll throughs. You'll twist and turn the sphere through 360 degrees in order to reach your goal. This large size puzzle has 138 numbered sections to conquer!
Simples? Errrr probably not! Be warned, working your way through the labyrinth like structure is no easy task and if you're anything like us, you will lose many hours from your day whilst trying to figure it out.

Pick up this 3D puzzle game and you most certainly will not put it down! Improve your patience (hmm well get back to you on this!), dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination. Have you got the skills?

  • 3D ball maze puzzle game
  • 138 numbered tricky maze stages
  • Flips, spirals, drops, swinging arm features & worse designed to complicate the game
  • Fun to play & hours of entertainment for all the family


  • Approx. 19cm diameter

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