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Anger Management Set Stress Balls

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Irritated, Annoyed, Cross, Irate, Mad, Furious, Livid, AAARRRGGHHH.
We’ve all had that day where everything seems to go wrong.  No milk for coffee, total gridlock on the roads, or your computer decides to crash for no apparent reason losing your whole mornings work.
The Anger Management Set of stress balls will help you make through your day.  As you squeeze feel the stress melt away.  Reduce that pent up anger and reduce the size of stress ball as you feel the relief!
So next time you’re thinking about lobbing your monitor out the window, use our Anger Management stress balls – much safer and less likely to lose you your job!

  • 3 stress balls
  • 3 different sizes and colours
  • Helps you cope with your stress throughout the day
  • Made from Polyurethane


  • Approx. 7cm (2.75”) Dia, 6cm (2.25”) Dia & 5cm (2”) Dia