Crazy Plant Lady Enamel Mug

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We all know one, don’t we? And if we don’t, perhaps it’s us! There’s a Crazy Plant Lady in all of us, and there’s always room for one more plant…

Perfect for plant addicts everywhere, this super-stylish enamel-style mug has a timeless feel, but the on-trend graphics bring it right up to date. And this lush and leafy design is right up to the minute in the style stakes, reflecting the continuing trend for all things tropical. It’s perfect for a restorative cuppa at home, in the garden… or even from a flask, down at the allotment.

Holding a thirst-quenching 350ml of the beverage of your choice, this go-anywhere unbreakable mug has been designed in high quality steel with a tough powder coating. It really is a must-have for refreshment on the go.

Crazy Plant Lady Mug Features:

  • A useful Enamel Mug for keeping at the crazy plant lady we all know!
  • Made from high quality steel with a tough powder coating.
  • Front design has a nice retro feel.  Featuring Pam leaves emblazoned with Crazy Plant Lady wording.
  • Capacity 350ml
  • Pop in a few seed packets, twine or labels to make a thoughtful gift for the keen grower

Crazy Plant Lady Mug Dimensions:

  • Approx. 8cm (3.25”) high, 12cm (5”) wide