Host Your Own Bingo

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You’ll find everything you need for hours of fun inside the Host Your Own Bingo Game.  A fun twist on tradition bingo, this game includes everything you need including dabber pens and game cards.

So everybody EYES DOWN.  As the numbers get called out by a nominated bingo caller, cross off the number on your sheet. Whether its Mana Alive, Cup of Tea or Dancing Queen how you choose to call the numbers is up to you.  Just choose a caller and let the game commence!  The first to correctly cross off all their numbers then shouts BINGO! 

Great fun for everyone from 7+ upwards, ultimate game for a family get together or a rainy Saturday.

Host Your Own Bingo Features:

  • Contents: 50 Bingo Sheets, 48 Bingo Caller Sticks, 4 Dabber Pens.
  • Recommended for Ages 7+
  • 3-5 Players (additional players can use their own pens)

Host Your Own Bingo Dimensions:

  • Game comes in short cardboard tube measuring approx. 12cm (5”) in diameter, 17cm (8”) high