Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

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Decorating your cupcakes and tray bakes has never been so magical. Use this legendary mythical to dust your sweet treats with sparkle and glitz for an instant dazzling effect.
Simply fill this marvellous creature with delicious goodies and then dust any delicious treat to your hearts content.  Through holes at the top of the unicorns body release the sprinkles after you flip it upside down and shake. Scatter your hundreds and thousands and make your very own rainbow!
This is the perfect gift for any budding baker or cake creator. The Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker is a mythical fantasy turned into an edible reality that no one will be able to resist. Mary Berry would be proud! Bring back the magic to baking!

  • Unicorn shaped sprinkles shaker
  • Holes at the top of the body - flip upside down and shake to release sprinkles
  • Refillable
  • Decorated with a bright yellow horn and a rainbow coloured mane and tail
  • Fits in the palm of a hand


  • Approx.10cm (4”) long, 8.5cm 4cm (1.5”) wide, (3.5”) high to tip of horn!