About Us

Welcome to Present Minded and thank you for visiting us.
Hello, we are Lee & Susie who started and now run Present Minded from our base in sunny Devon. oooh aarrr! (Well someone had to say it!).
We have over 20 years experience in retail and customer service between us, so we know how to meet and ideally exceed your expectations.  We are always open to hearing your feedback and comments along with any ideas or products that could help us improve our service for our customers.  Use our Contact Us page to tell us. We’ll ensure you’ll know what we have done about it.
Present Minded was born from Lee’s long founded idea to run his own business, along with Susie’s great ideas and creative flair.  Although our idea was initially to run a pub, our attitude and aims to provide our customers with a great service still remain.
After over 6 months of late nights and weekends of researching, website building and product sourcing (ok playing with some of the toys was fun!), Present Minded was launched in October 2009.  We continue to work hard behind the scenes to source and stock further products, along with website improvements and other great ideas.  So be sure to let us know what you think or come back and see how we’re doing.
Lee & Susie