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Know a Llama Lover?  These highly social animals are very on trend at the moment so why not help to protect Llamas by adopting one for 12 months? 

Your adoption will assist the conservation work of the Southeast Llama Rescue.  Make a real difference to the future of these beautiful llamas.  A perfect gift for any Llama mad animal lover.

What’s Inside:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Your gift explained
  • Southeast Llama Rescue Information Sheet
  • Llama infographic
  • Types of Llama leaflet
  • Llama postcard
  • Registration Sheet

 After Registration: You’ll receive a Personalised Supporter Certificate.

 How it Works:

 Inside your gift box is everything you need to Adopt A Llama

  • Register your gift online
  • The Southeast Llama Rescue will carry out care work on your behalf.
  • Upon registration you will receive a personalised supporter certificate.

 *This is a novelty gift and should be regarded as such.