Magnetic Bottle Cap Tree - Fun Bottle Beer Cap Holder Realistic Bark Finish Gag Gift Desktop Novelty

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The Bottle Cap Tree is simple to grow.  Pop open a bottle drop a cap onto any of the three magnetic branches and watch it blossom with every leaf you add!

You don't need a garden or even sunshine to grow this tree....the more you drink, the more your tree blossoms!

Attach caps to the 3 magnetic branches to create your own desktop bottle cap tree. No garden or sunshine needed!

This is a perfect cool birthday gifts for men for be it their 40th, 50th, 60th birthday. Collect your favourite vintage beer or soda bottlecaps and show them off in a unique way.


Box contains: One tree with 3 magnetised branches and 12 bottle caps to get you started.

Comes in a gift box.


15.25cm high, 9cm wide base.