Become a Laird Or Lady Gift Tin

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Add some decorative flair to your forms and documents with this novelty gift and become a Laird or Lady! You will 'own' a souvenir plot of land in the grounds of the beautiful Dunans Castle in Argyll, Scotland, which will provide you with membership of the restoration project at Dunans and the decorative title of Laird or Lady.

You will be sent a personalised land ownership certificate and a Proof of Title card making you eligible for all sorts of Laird-based perks including:

You and a guest will be entitled to a free tour of Dunans. Visit and locate your plot of land! Bookings must be made in advance.

Your gift will help in the restoration of Dunans Castle and grounds.

Free, lifetime access to Dunans including Dunans Bridge and the tallest tree in the UK.

Inside the gift box:

  • What's inside 
  • Your gift explained
  • Directions to Dunans fact sheet
  • History of Dunans fact sheet
  • Life as a laird or lady leaflet
  • Dunans castle infographic poster
  • Dunans castle postcard
  • Registration sheet

After registration you will receive:

  • A personalised supporter certificate and laird or lady title card will be dispatched to you within 28 days of your registration.

Disclaimer: The complimentary Dunans tour is valid for two adults and must be booked in advance. Please note that restoration work may be in progress so there may be times when certain areas are closed. Dunans reserves the right to alter or remove the tour without prior notice for technical, operational or other reasons and the Proof of Title card is neither refundable nor exchangeable. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Dunans reserves the right to refuse entry onto the tour. We cannot be held responsible for any planned or unforeseen changes to Dunans. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.