Name a Rose Gift Box

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The recipient of this gift will have the opportunity to name and grow a unique rose.

An easy-to-use growing guide helps even the most novice gardener grow their rose. Once planted, the recipient follows the simple rose naming instructions, providing us with their details and their chosen rose name.
The rose name will be entered into the International Rose Naming Registry which is periodically submitted to the British Library to ensure the list is available to as many people as possible and preserved for as long as possible.
Inside the gift box:
  • Welcome letter
  • An explanation of the gift
  • Gift Registration Instructions
  • A packet of unique, unnamed rose seeds
  • How to grow roses booklet
  • History of roses fact sheet
  • Plant markers
  • Presentation certificate
  • Personalisation pen
  • Presented in a luxury metal gift tin
 After registration you will receive:
  • A personalised rose naming certificate
 Further gift details:
  • The ultimate dedication
  • A rose named after you forever
  • A packet of unnamed rose seeds and rose naming markers enclosed in your gift box
  • A great booklet teaching you how to grow your rose
  • Easy to follow rose naming instructions
  • Register your details either online or by post
  • After registration receive an ornate certificate displaying your name and rose naming details
  • Learn about the history of roses with the enclosed fact sheet
  • A touching gift idea