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HASH TAG Trivet Saucepan Holder

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Hash Tag Trivet Hashtag Trivet is a silicone pan trivet which protects your kitchen work surfaces from temperatures up to a searing 200 degrees Celsius!?

Hashtag Trivet is ideal for hot kitchen saucepans, casserole dishes and trays.

Share and trend your delicious homemade food across the social media scene using #hashtagtrivet.

Additionally you can interlock and tessellate the Hashtag trivets to create one big trivet, ideal for parties, family meals and baking trays!

Hashtag Trivet appearing on a news feed near you soon! Hash Tag Trivet


Easy clean

Manufactured from food safe silicone

Protects surfaces from pans up to 200 degrees Celsius Hash Tag Trivet


Approx. 17.5cm (6.75?) wide, 21cm (8.25?) high