LED Light Up Jump Rocket Stomp Rocket

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Launching rockets has never been so much fun, as these super sized rockets light up as they shoot through the air! A timeless classic, this air powered jump rocket comes with a launch tripod that offers an adjustable launch angle, a foot pump and three large rockets, each measuring 19cm long! The rockets are lit with red and blue LEDs that flash brightly as the rockets tear through the air to make an impressive display that will entertain, day and night for endless fun!  The Jump rocket is simplicity itself, all you have to do is connect the pipes to the foot-launch-pad and then to the rocket-launch-tube.

Once you have made sure they are nice and secure, just slide a glow rocket onto the yellow launch tube and take a leap in the air before landing on the launch pad with one or both of your feet and watch as the rocket shrieks off into the sky.


  • A naturally powered rocket. Simply jump on the launchpad to shoot the rocket into the sky.
  • Play day or night as each of the three rockets included also lights up.
  • Naturally powered rocket
  • Jump on the launchpad to fire the rocket into the sky Includes 3 light-up rockets The higher you jump, the further it will fly.
  • Age: 3+


  • 35cm (14") long, 35cm (14") wide x 9cm (3.50") high