Name A Star Gift Pack

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Name A Star after someone special, show them just what a star they really are!

Only a small number of stars in our sky actually have names allocated to them. The majority are nameless, distinguished only by their catalogue number.

Our  Name A Star Gift Box contains the details of one of these unnamed stars just waiting to be named by you.

This gift is great fun and offers a truly sentimental gift.  Receive an A4 Personalised Star Deed, coordinates of your star, a Star Facts and Figures booklet, and a Constellations souvenir poster.

Once registered your Star Deed certificate displaying your chosen star name will be dispatched to you within 28 days.

Truly out of this world gift idea!


  • Welcome Letter
  • Your Gift Explained
  • Gift registration form
  • Star Details leaflet
  • A History of Stars leaflet
  • Stars Facts & Figures leaflet
  • Stars & Astronomy booklet
  • Constellations souvenir poster


  • Tin: 17cm wide, 23cm high, 2cm deep