Rainbow Pin Art

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Rainbow Pin Art enables you to create an impression by making instant 3D relief images by pushing an object against the coloured plastic pins that are housed in a clear plastic casing.

Make 3D relief images.  Two colourways horizontal or vertical stripes.

Create interesting and simulating shapes Coloured pins in clear plastic housing


  • This pin art impression toy is super simple to use Simply place any object into the pins and watch as the picture appears on the reverse side
  • To clear simply rotate 180 and go again
  • This super fun pin art game is great for birthdays, Christmas, Secret Santa, Mother's day Father's Day or any other special occasion you want to celebrate
  • This pin art machine is great for kids as well as adults looking to relive their youth!
  • The freestanding unit allows you to display your artwork in bedrooms offices and bookshelves


  • Approx. 10cm wide, 13cm high, 6cm deep