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The Llama Duster

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Next time you're cleaning, bring a bit of South American flair into your mundane daily routine.

You might not have known this, but llamas actually make fantastic dusters. Their soft hair holds dust and dirt with ease and their long necks and bodies are perfect for reaching those hard-to-clean nooks and crannies.

The pink fluffy Llama duster will brighten up the home or office and its polyester fibres will clean any surface.  The Llama Duster's hot pink microfiber attracts dust like a magnet.  Plus, the bendable head and neck lock at three different angles, allowing you to clean a wide variety of surface


  • One Llama Feather Duster
  • Clean up your home with this fluffy little Llama Duster
  • Make dusting cool again
  • Glorious windswept hair when you blow in it's face


  • Approx. 24cm (9.25") wide, 26cm (10") high, 7.5cm (3") deep