Become a Knight or Dame Gift Tin

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Honour your friends and family with the greatest title of all! This novelty gift tin gives you the power to make them a knight or dame of Alconbury!

This Personalise It Kit grants you an official knighthood from the Lord of Alconbury, making you a of Knight of the Manor of Alconbury and allowing you to use the title Sir or Dame! The tin includes a welcome letter, information on the history of Alconbury Manor and town, information on the history of Knights and Dames, a historical map of Huntingdonshire, a trifold leaflet on the Lord of Alconbury, a postcard and explanation of the your gift and the registration sheet for you to claim your knighthood. You will also be presented with a personalised certificate of your knighthood after your registration!

What's Inside:

  • Your gift explained
  • A6 Postcard
  • History of Alconbury Manor & Town
  • History of Knights and Dames
  • Historical Map of Huntingdonshire
  • Trifold of the Lords of Alconbury
  • Registration sheet

After registration:

  • A personalised supporter certificate will be dispatched to you within 28 days of your registration.